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Tours and Safaris

We are a travel company for the curious and active at heart! Our tours often involve hiking and biking through some of the most beautiful natural areas of Southern Africa. From tracking elephants in the Timbivati to finding gorillas in Uganda and walking the length of a park in Rwanda. 

Both sisters and all guides and hosts we use have extensive wilderness training and experience. 

Our trips are handpicked by us and for small groups only. 

Men are welcome with a private group booking for a specific date. 

South Africa

We have travelled this continent and others in search of beautiful landscapes and nature, but nothing beats our home country! 

We have everything to offer, from unique and delicious food to world class adventure destination options. 

The landcape various dramatically within a small radius of driving and offers desserts to forest and ocean to bushveld.

We love our country and would like to show you how we see and experience it. 



Namibia is a land of vast and open landscapes and that is exactly where the Namib Desert gets its name from the Nama language meaning vast place. 

Our tour is a celebration of this desert and the surrounding mountains at the edge of this great landscape. 

Our tour is for the explorer at heart that want to see the country in the comfort of your own car with a guide leading the way. We also camp to keep it close to nature and cost effective for everyone to be able to join. 


Uganda is not named the pearl of Africa in vain. This small landlocked country have everything to offer for the traveller looking for a safari in all its glory. 

You can choose our birding package that includes world class birding opportunites with 

big game encounters as well, or our primate package with the chance to see some of the 

last remaining mountain gorillas and wild chimpanzees in Africa. 

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This guided Wilderness Primitive Trail is a completely immersive experience. Participants carry everything they require for the duration of the multi-day Trail in a backpack. With no tents, no technology and no extras, it allows for an appreciation of wild space and it’s intrinsic qualities. Each night on Trail is spent under the stars with participants sharing the responsibility of ‘watch duty’.